• Physical Therapy
    Why Choose Us?
    We are dedicated to finding the root cause of your symptoms
    utilizing skilled interventions in a One-on-One model.
  • Dry Needling
    What is Dry Needling?
    Dry Needling is a soft tissue manual therapy
    technique using tiny filament needles in conjunction with
    muscle re-education techniques to restore optimal movement.
    Our Unique Aquatic Therapy Approach
    Our aquatic physical therapists get in the water with our patients
    in the same one-on-one model utilizing manual therapy and
    therapeutic exercises to take full advantage of the beneficial
    properties of the water.


Do I need a referral? No. Physical therapists are qualified and trained to evaluate and treat musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. However, as part of the healthcare team we refer to the appropriate healthcare provider if indicated after our comprehensive evaluation.


Paramount to the total care and well-being of our patients is the education we provide regarding the nature of the problems identified as well as the prevention of recurrence of the same or related incidents.


Our physical therapists and administrative staff embrace the important role of being your advocate. This advocacy requires effective communication to other important members of your healthcare team as well as to insurers on your behalf.


Our philosophy is to identify the connections between root causes, compensations in movement patterns and imbalances in the neuromuscular system and treat those connections through manual therapy and functional exercise to ultimately get you back into the game of life!